SIGNAL CONDITIONERS Isolated Signal Conditioner MS5300/5400 Series【13】

Plug-in Signal Conditioners with Isolated Dual Output

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The MS5300 Series is designed to offer the functionality of the highly accurate and durable MS3700 series for standard 11-pin relay sockets. The series, covered by a 7-year warranty, the longest in the industry, is suitable for replacement for your existing module.

*1 Products are warranted for years from the date of shipment.

Warranty Period *1 7Years
Standard Lead Time 4Days
Power Supply Rating: 100-240V AC / 24V DC
Connection M3.5 screw

Conformal coating applied as standard

Coating is not only resistant to accidental exposure to corrosive gas or oily smoke, but has a number of benefits contributing to long-term reliability. It avoids direct exposure to air to protect printed circuit boards and electronic parts against humidity, moisture, dust, chemicals, and thermal stress, thereby preventing corrosion, migration and any other damages. (HumiSeal® 1A27NSLU is used as a conformal coating. )


Ceramic capacitors employed

The MS3000 Series employs ceramic capacitors to achieve low current draw with extremely low heat generation, thus leading to long service life.
(The ceramic capacitors are not affected by prolonged use, as opposed to aluminum electrolytic capacitors.)*2


Multi-turn trimmers employed

This series employs multi-turn trimmers for zero and span adjustments. Our conventional series have used 3-turn or 4-turn trimmers, but the multi-turn trimmers employed facilitate fine adjustment and provide improved resistance to vibration. The new trimmers also have static protection.


Distributor provided with a transmitter power supply switch

The distributor has a transmitter power supply switch on its front panel. Turning this switch off allows the distributor to be used as an isolator for adjustment. If you have not yet decided whether to use a distributor or an isolator at the design phase, you should select this model so that it can be used for both applications.*3

*2 DC powered: No aluminum electrolytic capacitors or tantalum capacitors used.
AC powered: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are partly used in the power section.
*3 Note that the terminal connections are different depending on whether the unit is used as a distributor or an isolator.

Module Specifications

Wiring M3.5 screw terminal connection
Materials Housing and SocketABS resin (UL 94V-0)
Screw TerminalGalvanized steel with trivalent chromate finish
PCBGlass fabric epoxy resin (FR-4: UL 94V-0)
Conformal CoatingHumiSeal® 1A27NS (Polyurethane)
Isolation 2000V AC for 1 minute between input, output1, (output 2), power, and ground.*
Insulation Resistance 100Ω min. (@ 500V DC) between input, output 1, (output 2), power, and ground.*
Dielectric Strength 2000V AC for 1 minute between input, output1, (output 2), power, and ground.*

Power Specifications

Power Requirements 85 to 264V AC: Rating 100 to 240V AC (47 to 63 Hz)
24V DC ± 10%
85 to 264V DC: Rating 100 to 240V DC
Overcurrent Protection 160 mA fuse

Installation Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -5 to 55℃
Operating Humidity Range 5 to 90% RH (no condensing)
Storage Temperature Range -10 to 60℃
Installation Wall/DIN rail mounting
Dimensions W51 × H85 × D145.5 mm (including the mounding screw and socket)
Weight Main Unit: 300g max.
Socket: 80g max.

*Non-isolated models are available. Please refer to the relevant product specification sheet.

Dimensional Drawings

Unit: mm