Pursuing the state of the art communication technology and ease of maintenance, our remote I/O systems provide increased robustness and environmental durability, while retaining the flexibility of the conventional models.
They can be used not only as I/O systems for PLC but also as data acquisition systems.


Chassis Mount TypeComparison Chart by Shape / Product Series

High density mounting and reduced wiring

This type features concentrated power supply and I/O connections via the connectors. The module provides power isolation, enabling a more compact design while maintaining high performance and functionality.

Unit TypeComparison Chart by Shape / Product Series

Efficiently installable

This type features integration of a variety of functions into one unit. Rack, wall and DIN rail mount units are available.

Chassis Mount TypeComparison Chart by Shape / Product Series

Backplane structure permitting any combination of multiple channels

This type supports various I/O and communication functions, allowing users to select any combination. The module includes a live swapping feature, thereby eliminating the need for resetting after being replaced by a module of the same model. It also features a conformal coating and a dual internal bus design.