SIGNAL CONDITIONERS Isolated Signal Conditioner MS2500 Series【3】

Rack Mount Type High Bandwidth / High CMV Differential Amplifiers

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MS2500 Series rack-mount card type isolated signal conditioners

  • Allowable input common mode voltage ±300V DC/AC peak
  • Bandwidth DC to 100 kHz (selectable from 5 levels)
  • Gains are adjustable between x1 and x2500
  • Input resistance 10MΩ (both with and without power)

*1 Products are warranted for years from the date of shipment.

Warranty Period *1 3Years
Standard Lead Time 45DaysCustom Products
Power Supply ±15V DC
Connection Mounted in an optional rack.

Dimensional DrawingsMS2500

Unit: mm


Unit: mm

RC2500 (Rear connector type)

Unit: mm

RC2500 (Rear screw terminal type)

Unit: mm