LIGHTNING ARRESTER Lightning Arrester MLP Series【12】

New JIS-compliant Surge Protection Devices for Power / Communication Lines

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The MLP Series is a line of surge protection devices for power / communication lines to protect your important equipment against lightning surges. The unit is compact, but withstands high levels of surge voltage.

  • Suitable for protection of communication lines against lightning surges [new JIS compliant] *1
  • 12 mm wide, slim type, allowing side-by-side mounting
  • Plug-in design for easy maintenance. The circuitry remains closed even if the unit is unplugged.
  • Th plug section is equipped with LED indicators for diagnostics. Diagnostics is possible with our sepecial tester.
  • DIN rail mounting
  • M4 screw terminals
  • Compliant with the categories C2 and D1 of JIS C 5381-21:2014

*1 Compliant with the latest JIS.
SPD for communication lines: JIS C 5381-21:2014
SPD for power supply: JIS C 5381-11 (Class Ⅱ)
*2 Products are warranted for years from the date of shipment.

For communication and signals
Warranty Period *2 1Years
Standard Lead Time 3Days
Power Supply DC3A
Connection DIN rail mounting
For power supply
Warranty Period *2 1Years
Standard Lead Time 3Days
Power Supply DC3A
Connection DIN rail mounting

Plug-in design

The series employs plug-in design, which eliminates troublesome electrical connections associated with maintenance work. Even if the unit is unplugged, the circuitry remains closed.


Slim design

Slim design allowing side-by-side mounting. The unit is only 12 mm wide (17.6 mm wide as a single unit) for space saving.



Diagnostics is easy with our special tester (MLPT1). The LED indicator status gives an indication of the time for replacement. The MLP-P100/200 Series for power supply applications is equipped with a degradation indicator (reqiuring no tester).


Identification by color

The main unit and plug socket are labeled in different colors by use to prevent wrong connections.


Alarm output function

The unit is equipped with an alarm output functin, which notifies the operator of the status if it detects any degradation. Monitoring degradation at some distance is possible.


M4 screw employed

The series employs M4 screw terminals accommodating wire sizes up to AWG14. The unit is provided with a slide cover to prevent short connection.