Quality / Environmental / Chemical Management Policy

In order to establish a stable business foundation and continue to offer high-quality products for customer safety and confidence, thereby ensuring employment creation and stability and also contributing to local communities in cooperation with customers, MTT has formulated the following three policies and ensures that they are made known to all employees and available to the public.

  • To provide high quality products and services to customers on time at reasonable prices, we are committed to continuous improvement to be an indispensable and trusted partner for our customers.
  • To ensure compliance with customer requirements as well as related legal regulations and also to review the operation of the environmental management system, we continuously strive to improve our quality and environmental management systems.
  • We are committed to complying with legal regulations and industry standards in accordance with the "Guidelines for the management of chemicals in products" while giving due consideration to environmental protection including prevention of pollution and use of sustainable resources.

To implement these three policies, each division sets a quality / environmental / chemical management target at the beginning of each fiscal year and makes it known to its staff members to promote improvement activities at their workplace.

Conformity to Management System Standards:
a)All the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (No exemptions)
b)All the requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 (No exemptions)

JQA-EM4291  JQA-QM4170