POWER TRANSDUCER Power Transducer MS4400 Series【7】

Low-cost, Space-saving Front Terminal Connection Type Power Transducers

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The MS4400 Series is a line of power transducers, featuring low cost, space saving and front terminal connection.

  • Low-cost, space-saving power transducers, employing M4 screws
  • Isolated single output (3-way isolation)
  • Multiple power input from 85 to 264V AC / 85 to 143V DC
  • Suitable for conversion of a variety of AC input signals, such as AC current, AC voltage, effective power, reactive power, phase angle, and frequency into standard DC process signals.
  • A total of 7 models

*1 Products are warranted for years from the date of shipment.

Warranty Period *1 1Years
Standard Lead Time 7DaysCustom Products
Power Supply Rating: 100 to 240V AC
Connection Wall or DIN rail mounting

Σ-Δ operation employed in the current/voltage conversion circuit

The MS4400 Series power transducers can accurately measure waveforms, even when distorted due to various factors, or inverter current using Σ-Δ operation.

Low cost, space saving, and light weight

The AC current/voltage transducer is compact, measuring 25 (W) × 10 (H) × 128 (D) mm, and easy to install. The unit is light, weighing approx. 200 g, and can be mounted on a wall or DIN rail. It also has low power consumption, providing measurement input up to 0.3 VA and power input up to 2 VA. This helps to reduce the total cost and environmental load at the same time.


M4 screws terminals employed as I/O and power terminals

For safety reasons, rugged M4 screw terminals are employed as I/O and power terminals.


I/O and power terminal covers provided as standard

For safety reasons, the module is provided with I/O and power terminal covers as standard.

Module Specifications

Construction Box construction with front terminals (with terminal block cover)
Connection M4 screw terminal connection
Housing material Flame-retardant black resin

Installation Specifications

Operating Temperature Range -10 to 55℃
Operating Humidity Range 40 to 85% RH (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 70℃
Installation Wall or DIN rail mounting
Weight Approx. 200g (MS4420, MS4421)
Approx. 300g (MS4431, MS4432, MS4434, MS4435, MS4441)

Dimensional Drawings

Unit: mm