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The M35/36/37 Series is a line of 2-way analog isolation modules. The series provides the best compromise between performance and cost by eliminating the isolation between the system signals and power line.

  • 2-way isolation ultra-compact module and special chassis
  • Low-cost, ultra-compact long-selling series
  • Isolated single output (2-way isolation)
  • Suitable for applications including isolation of I/O stages in A/D or D/A boards, such as PCs
  • Voltage-voltage converter with a response frequency of 2kHz-3dB, supporting wideband signals

*1 Products are warranted for years from the date of shipment.

Warranty Period *1 3Years
Standard Lead Time 4DaysCustom Products
Model-specific chassis
Warranty Period *1 3Years
Standard Lead Time 4DaysCustom Products
Connection M3.5 screw

Gold-plated I/O pins and polyurethane resin potting for enhanced durability

For higher reliability and durability, input and output pins are gold-plated. This helps to prevent not only contact wear caused by insertion and removal of the unit, but also contact degradation even in harsh environments to ensure high reliability for a long period. The inside of the unit is potted with polyurethane resin to enhance durability.


Underside trimmer variant available

The series offers an underside trimmer variant, where the trimmers for adjustment are located on the underside of the unit. This construction prevents the trimmer settings from being inadvertently changed.


A wide variety of chassis available

A wide variety of chassis are available, including:
- 19-inch rack mounting
- Embedding
- Computer interface convenient for handling in a laboratory