SIGNAL CONDITIONERS Isolated Signal Conditioner MS2300 Series【29】

Rack Mount Type Signal Conditioners with Isolated Single Output

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The MS2300 Series is a line of rack-mount card type signal conditioners.

  • Up to 16 modules mountable in a JIS standard 19-inch rack
  • Simple circuit configuration providing low power consumption and long-term stability
  • Transformer isolation ensuring high accuracy and high reliability

*1 Products are warranted for years from the date of shipment.

Warranty Period *1 3Years
Standard Lead Time 45DaysCustom Products
Power Supply Rating: 24V DC
Connection Chassis mounting

Module Specifications

Wiring Wired to the MS2300 main unit. (M3 screw terminal connection)
Materials Front panelSECC-JN
PCBGlass epoxy double sided PCB
Isolation 3-way isolation between input, output, and power.
Insulation Resistance 500MΩ min. (@ 500V DC) between input, output, power, and ground.
Dielectric Strength 1500V AC for 1 minute between input, output, power, and ground.

Power Specifications

Power Requirements 24V DC+/-10%, supplied via the ARC2300 rack.

Installation Specifications

Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50℃
Operating Humidity Range 90% RH (no condensing)
Storage Temperature Range -10 to 60℃
Installation Mounted in the RC2300 rack.
Dimensions W24.8×H99×D146mm
Weight Approx. 150g max

Dimensional DrawingsMS2300 Main Unit

Unit: mm


Unit: mm